A Tour

When you first arrive at the Mommy’s Cupboard future garden space you will notice that our work awaits us …

Planning a permaculture garden, first we must spend time observing the space before we make a design. Nature is a teacher, and finds the best ways of doing things on it’s own, so, in order to not work against it (and ourselves) we observe the ways natural energies are already interacting with our space.

IMG_9491 . . .

Listen and notice the flow of the breeze, and notice from which way the afternoon sun shines! …


There is a lovely Pecan Tree in the corner of our space, with ripe pecans this time of year! Our first sweet harvest!  . . .


There is a lovely live oak tree off the property that has a large shade-producing canopy ..

..a colorful basketball court behind!

More views …


There is much to be done. . . dreams are free!


And with hope, the sky’s the limit!. . .


Share with us in this journey toward healthy lifestyles and better eating for all!!

Have any thoughts are comments? Please post them to us! We value the insights of all our mommy and gardener friends!

Thanks for taking our online garden tour!

Mommy’s Cupboard was inspired by that Last Organic Outpost and all of our friends!…


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